Sanctuary Bible Study

"Someone once said, tongue in cheek, that you never know just how much America is the land of promise until you've heard a bunch of political speeches during an election year!  it's not a bad saying.  For one thing, it encourages a sense of humor about a walk of life in which individuals can take themselves too seriously.  Then, too, it suggests a certain healthy skepticism about political promises.  Christians who are citizens of the United States can give thanks to God for our country, for the precious freedoms we enjoy, and for a system of government that involves us.  Although we rest assured in God's promise that is greater than any political one - that bought with the blood of the crucified and risen Christ, we are baptized into His name; He is our Lord - we do have the responsibility to participate in the political process and hold our government up to scrutiny, and we do so through supporting various candidates and causes and voting in elections among other ways."  Join us at 9:45 am either in person or via Zoom to take up thoughtful

biblical conversation about voting in a democracy, looking at how our Lutheran confession of faith may be applied to political situations in which choices must be made.  I look forward to seeing you there.